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Why does my dog ​​sit on me?

But for what reasons your dog is still sitting on you as soon as you sit somewhere?

A way to express your affection

Like human beings, each dog has a different personality and preferences. If some are independent enough and prefer to have their own space, others seem to have a constant need for physical contact. To the point of sometimes a little ” pot of glue “.

Many small dog breeds, like bichons, Shih Tzu or King Charles riders, were selected to be pet dogs and love to snuggle against their favourite humans that are none other than their attachment beings. However, even bigger dogs can also feel the need to sit on you, the time of a hug, at the risk of “weighing” on your knees or on your feet. Open!

How to explain this behaviour?

It is above all important to remember that dogs are social animals that have evolved to build close relationships with members of their ” Social ” whose integrally part of you. Sharing physical contact is, therefore, a common way for your dog to express your affection and consolidate the links that unite you. As well as the prints or solicitation for caresses or ” Gratches “.

As a bonus, some dogs have understood that the fact of sitting on their human attachment prevented the latter from getting up and moving – which means even more, caresses and fun for them!

In young dogs who like to play, sitting on their human can also simply be a way of soliciting their attention more efficiently.

No, a dog that sits on you does not dominate you.

Contrary to popular belief still too widespread, the behaviour of a dog who sits on his master or his mistress is not a ploy to affirm his domination on you. Know that interspecific dominance is a theory that has been refuted a long time ago and has no reason to be.

If your dog likes to sit on you, rest assured, it’s perfectly normal behaviour that must be taken as a compliment. His attitude simply shows that he appreciates your company. It’s up to you to give him the same.


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