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Why does my dog ​​cling to my leg?

A dog that clings to your leg can arouse laughter or embarrassment. But do you know that this behaviour does not necessarily have a sexual connotation?

A behaviour that can concern all dogs

A dog that goes up on the leg of a human while miming a sexual act is fairly common behaviour. And, contrary to what one can think, it does not only concern whole male and puppy dogs. This behaviour can also occur in a puppy, in a female or even in a castrated male.

This is proof that it is not necessarily motivated by the need to mate or any sexual drive.

Too much energy or stress

Clinging to the leg of a human, just like that of ” mount “, A cushion or plush, can simply be the translation of too much energy felt at some point by the Animal. It can be a demonstration of stress or excitement (but not necessarily sexual, you will have understood) that your dog expresses this way.

In the puppy, the excitement released during game sessions often leads to this type of behaviour. The overlap is then an instinctive behaviour that does not have real meaning and tends to calm down when the puppy grows up and ” logging”.

What is the motivation of your dog? If it is a behaviour to which you want to end, you can redirect your dog’s attention. When your dog clings to your leg, tell him ” Stop ” or “; NO ” Firmly and turn his attention by asking for an indication such as ” Sitting” or ” lying “. When he detached from you, you can then offer him a pleasant activity or a reward.

On the other hand, do not scream and do not punish your dog. If his behaviour is related to stress, shouting or punishing your dog will only reinforce his evil and will be counterproductive. Do you question what can be at the origin of this stress at your Animal? Does it benefit enough walks in the day? Does it have a quiet place where to rest at home, far from the tumult of family life? If the answers to these questions are negative, remedy there and if it is not enough, ask for advice from a canine behavioural educator.


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