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Vaginitis at the bitch

Vaginitis is a condition that can touch a dog at any age. What are the clinical signs of the disease, and how is it treated?

What are the causes of Vaginitis?

Vaginitis is a medical term for inflammation of the vagina in the bitch.

When it touches adult bitches, this inflammation can find its cause in:

vaginal trauma such as a protrusion, insemination or veterinary examinations,

Anatomical anomalies of the vagina,

local inflammation,

the presence of an intravaginal foreign body,

the presence of a tumour of the vulva or vagina,

contamination of the vulva by urine or faecal materials,

A urological problem like an ectopic ureter.

The bitches of less than a year that has not yet had their heat can also be touched by Vaginitis, and we speak of Vaginitis of the impbrian bitch.

How is Vaginitis in the bitch manifestation;?

The most common clinical signs of Vaginitis include urination disorders, vulva legs as well as sometimes purulent vulvar losses that may contain blood.

Vaginitis may appear in all bitches, whether sterilized or not, and at any age. Male dogs are often attracted by females with Vaginitis, even outside heat periods.

In non-sterilized bitches, Vaginitis is associated with infertility.

How do we diagnose Vaginitis in the bitch?

In the case of Vaginitis, the diagnosis is most often based on the clinical observations of the veterinarian.

It can also use a vaginal smear, vaginal endoscopy as well as bacteriological examinations made on the vagina of the bitch.

How is vaginitis treats;?

In the case of Vaginitis in an impbrian bitch, the affection resolves itself in 80% of cases. But some bitches will have to receive antibiotic treatment or estrogen.

In other bitches, the treatment of Vaginitis will be based on the cause of the appearance of Vaginitis. The veterinarian can associate an antibiotic therapy or a corticotherapy in case of significant inflammation.


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