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The Worldoring: at the discovery of this Canine sport!

What is it about? What does the settlement of this discipline provide? For which dog breeds is allowed? What is the difference between Ring and Worldoring?

Do you want to get started with your dog in the world? You want to know the settlement of this discipline, its requirements, its target or what distinguishes it from the Ring? So, it’s gone for the discovery of this canine activity of excellence that is the world.

Monduiring: What is it?

Monduiring is a complete and demanding discipline, which dates from the 1980s and is a canine activity with an international vocation. It is recognized by the SCU of the FCI, the Utilization Board of Use of the International Cynological Federation.

The Worldwork allows you to bring together the best dogs in the world so that they excel in their field of predilection. World Contests are the opportunity to select powerful canine reproduction. It is, therefore great gatherings of international canine trainers.

Three categories of separate tests make up a World Competition:

Relaxation: The dog is subject to various position exercises such as static without the master and with distractions, the refusal of bait, foot walking, identification and ratio of an object, etc.

The jump: the dog must skip palisades, hedges and jump in length. The heights and lengths are respectively between 1m80 and 2m30 for palisades, 80cm and 1m20 for hedges and 3 and 4m for long jumps.

The biting: the dog will be subjected to various exercises in connection with the mordant, attack and defence: object guard, flying attack, attack with a stick, master defence, etc.

Each competition will be different because it is the organizers to define a theme for each contest.

To practice, it is mandatory to practice globalizing in an authorized club and authorized to train dogs.

The Regulation of the World

Regarding global competitions, they are subject to very strict regulation.

The dog must have obtained his CSAU (certificate of sociability and ability to use) to practice worldwide.

A jury will be present to observe and note the dog as it progresses through the trials. At each passage, points but also penalties – data in case of bad dog behaviour but also the driver-are attributed to the dog with mentions that accompany the results:

from 0 to 299: insufficient,

from 300 to 319: sufficient,

from 320 to 339: good,

From 340 to 359: Very good,

From 360 to 400: excellent.

It should also be noted that the competitions are divided into three levels, from 1 to 3 (3 being the most important).

To access scale 2, you must have twice the score of 160 and to access the ultimate step, step 3, the minimum must be obtained two times the score of 240.

Worlding: For which dogs?

First of all, to make the glove of a dog practised, he must have spent the age of 12 months since the tests involve harmful exercises to the good development of the dog.

In addition, be aware that the world is one of the most eliminated activities, i.e. it is open to (almost) all, but that only the best canine traps generally participate.

Then, like many activities related to the mordant, only a few breeds are allowed to participate; here is the list established by the Central Canine company:

Berger dogs (Group 1):

German shepherd,

Swiss white shepherd,

Berger of Beauce,

Berger of Brie,

Shepherd by Picardie,

Shepherd from the Pyrenees,

Dutch shepherd,

Border Collie,

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois, Tervueren, Groendael, Laekenois),

Catalan shepherd dog,


Australian Kelpie,



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