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The vulva of my dog ​​is swollen

You noticed that the vulva of your dog was swollen, and it worries you? What can this swelling be due, and what if so do it?

Why is the vulva of my dog ​​inflated?

Because my dog ​​is in heat

In a non-sterilized bitch, the swelling of his vulva can be quite normal at the time of his heat.

In a very physiological way, its vulva begins to increase in volume during the pro-estrus, in other words, during the first phase of its heat. It is during this phase that one can also observe vulvar blood losses, more or less important according to the bitches.

The vulva of the dog becomes even more inflated during the estrus, the second phase of the heat during which ovulation occurs. During the estrus, blood loss decrease and collapse until it sometimes stops completely.

In total, the bitch’s heat period lasts three weeks on average and usually come back twice a year (see more depending on bitches).

Because my bitch suffers from a condition of his reproductive device

Apart from the heat period, it is not normal for the vulva of your bitch to be inflated. This swelling can translate into a condition of its reproductive device that should be examined without delay by a veterinarian. It may be, among other vulvar tumours or infections/inflammations of its reproductive apparatus such as vaginitis or vulvitis. They are generally accompanied by other symptoms such as inadvertent leges of the vulva or vulvar flows.

Other conditions can give the impression of an inflamed vulva, such as vaginal ptosis or vaginal prolapse. These conditions lead to protrusion (outlet) of a portion of the vagina through the vulvar lips of the bitch.

My bitch has an inflated vulva that does?

If your bitch has swollen vulva outside the period of his heat, the only thing to do is to go to consult your veterinarian without waiting.


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