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King of guacamole, shrimp verrines or avocado toast, avocado is a delicious fruit that we like to consume in all sauces. Unfortunately, while it is excellent for the health of humans, it is much less so in our dog friends. Avocado is indeed one of the toxic foods for dogs.

Why is avocado poisonous to dogs?
Avocado is a plant that is entirely toxic to dogs, whether they consume the leaves, seeds or even fruits. And, in avocado, everything is toxic to dogs: the flesh of the fruit as well as it’s stone.
This toxicity is mainly due to a substance called persin, which is toxic to the heart in the plant and its fruit.
What are the toxic doses of avocado for dogs?
Unfortunately, we do not know precisely the toxic doses of avocado in dogs or the mechanisms of action of the toxins.
You should, therefore, never feed a dog avocado flesh, never let it play with an avocado stone, or leave a dog unattended near an avocado tree.
What are the signs of avocado poisoning in dogs?
Avocado poisoning results in:
digestive signs such as refusal to eat, vomiting, lethargy, and sometimes swelling of the abdomen,
cardiorespiratory symptoms such as rapid breathing, increased heart rate, breathing difficulties or even respiratory distress,
mastitis (inflammation of the udders) in nursing bitches.
The animal’s vital prognosis may be at stake if cardiac signs or respiratory distress appear.
Avocado poisoning in dogs: what to do and what remedy?
If your dog has eaten avocado and you suspect poisoning, the only thing to do is to call your vet or a veterinary poison control centre as soon as possible.
There is no antidote for avocado poisoning, but your veterinarian may initiate treatment to combat poisoning symptoms and support your dog’s vital functions.


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