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The Canin: Discovering this Canine Sport

“Cani”: Dog / “Run”: Running … Until then, we do not seem too intrigued by this activity that eventually could simply be synonymous with Cani-Cross?

Well no! The Canin is a whole new activity, developed in France by a master building master of his dog, who offers us a machine to meet many basic needs of our candied friends!

Let’s discover this new canine sport to go on leisure with his dog!

The Canin: What is it?

The Canin is a very recent activity (in France at least, because in the United States or in Canada it is booming), developed by a passionate master looking for stimulating activities for his Beagle; dog becomes almost hyperactive by force Do not be spent enough!

Indeed, Olivier Cartories, since it is his name, decided to propose this machine, imported from the United States, to his dog, Iago, allowing him to spend fully and thus to answer his very developed instincts of hunting, of Pursuit, etc.

The Canin is a machine that allows you to offer your dog a race on the lure but in leisure!

We know the races on a lure in competition (greyhound races), or the races on lure leisure that is also called in the Anglo-Saxon countries the Lure Class or the Lure Chasing, and well now, even in France, All dog masters, from any race, have the opportunity to propose the race on the lure, on leisure, to their doggie.

The Canin: How does it work?

The Canin machine consists of a thread connected by pulleys. On the wire, one or more lures are attached. A remote-controlled electric motor allows the driver to move the lure along the wire, adapting the speed according to the rhythm of the dog.

The lures are generally biodegradable plastic bags without particular odour.

The route can have a maximum distance of 300 meters.

Generally, 2 or 3 lures are arranged at a 1-meter range to promote the visibility of these intervals.

The remote control (controller) adjusts the speed and direction of the lures. The speed can go up to 70km / h.

The Canin: for which dogs?

The race on the lure is often offered to hunting dogs that have a very developed instinct and predation instinct, but with the Canirun machine, all the doggies are allowed to track down, follow, track and why not catch!

Hunting dogs are not the only ones to want “Hunting” all dogs have this common point: predation! But the latter will be more or less developed according to the races, first of all, but also according to the temperaments.

All you have to do is try and see if, yes or no, your dog is made to run after a lure. According to Olivier, the developer of the concept and the machine Canirun in France, this activity would operate on 90% of the dogs, all breeds combined.

As with any intense physical activities, it is not recommended for puppies and should be adapted for young dogs from 6 to 12 months.

Then, of course, dogs too old or suffering from physical problems will not be welcome for this discipline involving very intense physical effort.

The Canin: What are the benefits?

For thousands of years, man has selected the most enduring dogs to make dogs fit work and the accompaniment of man in his different tasks.

However, the contemporary dog ​​is now relegated to the rank of a pet dog in the majority of cases. The Canin machine then makes it possible to spend your dog fully and meet his needs.

The Canin machine and the regular practice of this activity then allow:

Spend his dog physically at his own pace.

Respond to its predation instincts in a controlled manner.

Maintain your dog in physical fitness.

Muscle his dog.

Avoid overweight.

Avoid boredom and sedentarization of his dog.

Mentally stimulate his dog to develop a strategy.

The Canin: How to start?

To practice the Canirun activity with your dog, simply contact his creator, Olivier Categories, which is based in the Jura in Dole.

It offers sessions in its area but also moves throughout France to demonstrate.

It is also present at events in canine centres or clubs that organize open doors or “Games” For their customers/members.

If you are professional, you can also get the Canirun machine, which is manufactured on order by local businesses from Burgundy-Franche-Comte.


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