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The abortion of the bitch

What are the medical abortion methods in the bitch? And for what reasons a bitch can abort spontaneously?

Abortion caused by the bitch

When gestation is not desired by the owner of a bitch and/or that this gestation can endanger the life of the mother, it is possible to use a medical abortion of the bitch, either the equivalent in some way of a voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG) drug.

There are several medical abortion protocols in the bitch that use different detailed abortive molecules: the aglimistrone, prostaglandins and dopaminergic.

It is the veterinarian who will choose the most suitable protocol for the bitch, depending on when one is in his gestation. Previously, he will be able to make a gestation diagnosis to ensure that the bitch actually wears small. Indeed, all the projections do not systematically cause gestation, and it is preferable to ensure that the bitch is well gentler before making a medical abortion because this act can generate side effects.

Aglistrone injections

What is the pristine?

The aglépristone is a synthesis steroid with antiprogestative action. It acts by competition with progesterone at the level of its receptors, the hormone that supports gestation.

This is the most frequently used abortive molecule because it is considered very efficient and easy enough to use for the veterinarian. It can be used from 0 to 45 days of gestation.

The course

To achieve abortion, the veterinarian injects the subcutaneously subcutaneous Eagleton at 24 hours intervals at the geared bitch.

If the injection is done after 20 to 30 days of gestation, the bitch can expel abortions. On the other hand, if the medical abortion is realized more precociously, the abortion can go unnoticed for the owner because the fetuses will be resorbed into the genital paths of the bitch.

A dozen days after the injection, the veterinarian will be able to conduct a clinical check of the bitch control to verify the effectiveness of abortion.

The side effects of aglépristone

The side effects of an injection of aglépristone may consist of a more early return of the bitch’s heat.

Very rarely, the injection can be followed by cardiorespiratory disorders, hypersalivation, vomiting and neurological signs.

The injection of prostaglandins

What are prostaglandins?

Prostaglandins are local hormones and mediators involved in many physiological and pathological processes. In the bitch, they have the property of Lyser (destroy) the yellow body, which remains of the follicle after the liberation of the egg. During the gestation of the bitch, the maintenance of the yellow body normally ensures the production of progesterone necessary to maintain the pregnancy.

The course

There are several natural prostaglandins or synthesis usable in the bitch. Several subcutaneous or intramuscular injections made by the veterinarian are then needed.

These prostaglandins can be used for abortions after the 25 days following the ovulation of the bitch.

The side effects of prostaglandins

The administration of abortive prostaglandins can lead to hypersalivation, vomiting, defecation and slowing of heart rate in the bitch within one hour of injection.

Administration of other drugs before injection generally makes it possible to reduce these side effects.

The complexity of the protocol and its side effects can justify a hospitalization of the bitch throughout its duration.

Dopaminergic administration

What is dopaminergic?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has the effect of inhibiting prolactin secretion by the bitch, a hormone that plays an important role in maintaining yellow bodies (and therefore gestation) after 30 days of gestation. Dopaminergic abortive drugs, therefore, act by stimulating these inhibitory dopaminergic receptors.

The course

Dopaminergic usually are used after 30 days after the ovulation of the bitch and ideally after 40 days. They administer to the oral bitch for 5 to 6 days.

They can be used alone or associated with prostaglandins to make abortion faster and reduce the side effects related to the administration of prostaglandins.

Side effects of dopaminergic

Side effects are rare, passengers and little marked. They may consist of ataxia, anorexia and vomiting.

The gestation stop at the bitch

Unfortunately, abortions in the dog can be so spontaneous. We then talk about stopping gestation or miscarriage.

These abortions “NATURALS” Can have infectious, hormonal, traumatic, nutritional or uterine origins.

We invite you to read our article devoted to this topic for more information.

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