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Summer barbecues: multiple dangers for the dog!

Emustrethetic in the summer, barbecue turns out to be a real danger for dogs that roam around, attracted by the stubborn smell that cook. And not just for the risk of burns it makes running to our doggies.

Merguez, chipolatas and various grilled skewers are among the many pleasures of the summer. They are cooking brightly to the barbecue without even sometimes suspecting that this open grill is a real danger for our pets and that, more than one title.

Attention, risk of serious burns

One of the most obvious dangers of the barbecue is obviously the risk of burns it makes running to our pets that would approach too close. It must be said that the temptation is great for our dear domestic carnivores facing all these delicious heating meat odours that attract them irresistibly & nbsp; And, before doing the sad experience, a dog ignores a barbecue, it burns & nbsp; An unfortunate tail beat, an attempt to fly meat posed on the grill and pasta. A barbecue can easily tip over and burn your dog very badly. Many cases are alas to deplore each year. To avoid the accident, set a security perimeter around your cooking device or attach your dog far from the object of all temptations.

In the event of an accident, water the wounds of your animal with fresh water and run with the nearest veterinarian.

The danger of ingestion of foreign bodies

A barbecue is not dangerous for a dog only for the heat it releases. It is also because of the foods that are cooked & nbsp; Chicken pestles, lamb chops, skewers of meat on wooden peaks. Are all potential dangers for your pet. These foods contain small bones that can, if swallowed by your dog, get stuck in his oesophagus or his intestine or even break and cause internal perforations. Glover and thieves dogs do not take the time to remove the picks before tasting the fruit of their larceny, which can also cause large damage and nbsp; if they swallow them. Take care to place all these temptations out of reach of their mouths.

and poisoning by lights

As for the antifreeze in winter, the lights are used to turn on the barbecue often have a sweet taste that attracts dogs. If swallowed, they may be responsible for serious intoxications. Keep these products out of reach of your pet by stones as soon as your barbecue is lit & NBSP; In case of intoxication, do not attempt to vomit your pet, give it nothing to eat or drink and go with the nearest veterinarian.


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