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Practising the Canicross with his dog

The Canicross is a cross during which the dog runs with his master. This activity can be practised in amateur or compete.

This activity begins to make itself known. More and more people want to practice leisure with their animal. The reasons are multiple: destructive dog, hyperactive, or just because it’s a sporty dog. The Canicross can be practised in leisure or competition. We will introduce you to the necessary equipment and then the essential information for spiritual practice in all conviviality.

What is the Canicross?

It is a sporting activity that will unite a master with his animal, that is, the dog. Unlike a walk in the forest, the binomial is connected through a specific material. The running runs on different paths (road, land, grass, pebbles) at a sometimes high pace. The goal of the race is to go through a distance in the shortest possible time.

Using adapted canicross material, you will limit injury, the risk of falls and preserve a link with the animal throughout the race.

Material for Canicross: What are the indispensable equipment & NBSP;?

There are four elements to consider:

The traction harness will be worn by the dog. It is a material that will allow the animal to accurately execute all its movements without feeling the slightest embarrassment. When a short dog, it will tow. This will involve support on the back to propel forward. All his weight is solicited, and a dog that pulls, that it’s Costaud! The harness must marry the whole body in its length so that it has difficulty towing and breathe. The fastener is located at the back of the dog, in the extension of the spine. Almost all necklaces are forbidden (throttle necklaces, electric necklaces, claw necklace, reel leaves, or another means that can be assimilated to abuse).

The canicross belt will be used by the human, that is, you! This will allow you to protect yourself from the tensions that the dog will bring. When he draws, your back will be solicited. Thanks to the belt, there will be no dangerous movement or unpleasant sensations, such as jerks. For the owners of several dogs, if you want to run with two dogs or more, we recommend the harness that brings a better sitting to better curb the little pack.

The line of trait is what will connect you to the dog. It is a kind of elastic leash that will be composed of a damper. The goal is to limit, on both sides, the many shocks that can cause pain. The maximum length of this element must not exceed 2 meters as part of the Cani-Cross competitions.

Running shoes must be chosen with care. As a reminder, you have several trails available to run. The majority of the parties will be done in woods and forests. As in any physical activity that includes race, do not hesitate to ask for tailor-made soles from your podiatrist. This will prevent you from unpleasant pain.

What do you know before starting the Canicross?

Before starting a new CANICross activity with your companion, do not hesitate to visit the vet. It will affect the dog and give you personalized advice. At the end of this medical visit, you will be ready to swallow the kilometres!

The practice of this canine sport can be realized in leisure or competition. All dogs can practice this activity. or almost. Some breeds are more sensitive than others. We believe in respiratory problems. Dogs with cardiac disorders will also be monitored. We are mainly targeting the bulldog and St. Bernard, who are famous for being sensitive breeds.

Other dogs can have sensitivities related to morphology. A dog runs on legs, or a tiny dog ​​will have difficulty being able to tow his mistress or his master.

All dogs do not have the same stamina. Fortunately, it is working, and you can reach your goals quietly. Some breeds have larger physical aptitudes than others. We think of sledge dogs, retrievers or hunting dogs.

Your dog must have the age required to run; that is, that we will suggest you wait for the end of its growth. A puppy can run, but he will not be able to tow. It can be a way of stretching with him, and teaching him the main commands, namely “right”, “left”, “advance”, “back”, “slowed”, “stop”.

As a reminder, the puppy should not run every day. We must give time to the body to form, even if the animal will show you that it wants to run. The risks would be bone malformations or dysplasias.

At the moment of the race, make sure that the dog is fasting. The stomach reversal can lead to surgery or even the death of the animal.

During the race, the dog will have to have water available. It will have to drink in small quantities to avoid these same stomach reversals.

How to practice can we cross safely?

The Canicross does not practice overnight. The dog, just like you, needs to have a progressive pace so that the body can collect physical efforts without constraint.

Before any physical effort, it will be necessary to carry out a warm-up of this name. The dog will have to free himself from the nervous tension he invades it and then fully focused on this activity.

The first step will be to choose a flat route where you can walk fast. Equipped with your equipment, you will program an output.

The second step to respect is to repeat these efforts regularly, without driving your dog to exhaustion, that is to say, increase by 5 kilometres from one month to the next. Privilege increases 500 meters to 1 kilometre every month.

The third step will take breaks every kilometre. Enjoy it for drinking two / three sorts to your dog. Use these moments to observe and analyze all signs and tired signals.

The fourth step will be done at home. A general inspection of the cushions is necessary. Then, as for you, stretch your dog with any delicacy. This will allow him better respiratory and muscular recovery.

Following such physical and sporty activity, the dog will have to have a balanced diet and moments to rest. These moments of rest are important to allow him a complete optimization of his effort.

Take care of a primordial element: the dog will never show his fatigue. It will always be ready to make an effort for you.

Practice this activity in competition

The Canicross in competition is growing more and more. You will see that there are events for many weekends. All dogs are present, Huskies, German Shepherds, Collies Borders, Labradors or Golden Retrievers, Belgian Bergers Malinois.

You have to get closer to a canine club. With search, you can find close to you. They will provide you with any information, although there are several federations that will offer you this type of activity.

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