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When you accidentally leave kibble available to a greedy dog, it happens that he eats exorbitant quantities. Is that bad? What are the risks?

My dog ​​ate until he got sick: is it serious?
When it comes to food, your dog can’t stop. The problem is, he managed to squeeze his face into a packet of kibble and swallow an impressive amount of it. & Nbsp; Now his stomach is all swollen, which forms like a big lump on his side.
In the vast majority of cases, this is okay. However, this excess of food intake will most certainly cause digestive disorders such as vomiting, diarrhoea and gas. All these inconveniences are temporary and, once the “overflow” eliminated, everything should be fine within 24 to 48 hours. In the meantime, of course, you should avoid feeding your dog.
However, in some cases, this overeating can have dramatic consequences for your dog’s health if it is the cause of Stomach Torsion Syndrome. Large dogs with a deep thorax are particularly susceptible to it, and too large a meal can be the cause. It manifests itself in dogs by efforts to vomit without success, by significant salivation and by a very swollen belly that sounds hollow if tapped with the finger. The dog’s condition then deteriorates rapidly, and the dog shows signs of pain. If you suspect an upset stomach in your dog, then call your veterinarian immediately as your pet’s life could be in danger.
My dog ​​overate kibble: how to react?
The first thing to do is to avoid leaving your pet alone and unattended after this kind of mishap. The objective of this monitoring is, of course, to be able to react as quickly as possible by calling your veterinarian in case of suspicion of dilation-torsion of the stomach.
Also, avoid feeding your dog for up to 24 hours not to maintain his digestive problems and overload his digestive system. Then, if your dog is better, reintroduce food in small quantities and preferably choose a hyperdigestible wet food available from your veterinarian, or failing that, chicken breast cooked with a bit of white rice cooked for a very long time. However, leave him a bowl of fresh water available at all times. If you feel that your dog is drinking too much and too quickly, fill his bowl with only one glass of water, then wait 15 minutes before serving it again. There is no question here of restricting your dog in water but only limiting the speed with which he can drink to avoid further inflating his stomach.
Prevent your dog from exercising (games, races, etc.) for 24 to 48 hours while his stomach has time to empty itself. Exercise may, along with stomach distension, promote the development of stomach distension. Limit walks to hygienic outings and keep your dog on a leash to prevent him from running.
If your dog’s digestive upset persists beyond two days, is suspected of stomach twisting, or if the dog exhibits any other worrisome symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.


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