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Your dog ate cardboard. What are the risks and what to do?

Dogs – especially the youngest of them – tend to explore their surroundings with their mouths, much like a baby during their oral phase with everything in their mouth. It, therefore, happens that dogs swallow one or more pieces of cardboard. But is this a concern for their health?
My dog ​​ate cardboard: what are the risks?
When a dog ingests cardboard, it usually takes time to chew before swallowing pieces of it. In most cases, since it is a somewhat flexible foreign body that softens even more when in contact with liquid, the swallowed cardboard passes through the digestive tract without hindrance and is eliminated by natural means. (in the droppings!).
But, cardboard ingestion can sometimes cause complications if the amounts swallowed are too large, and the dog has not bothered to “chew”. the carton before eating it. The cardboard can then be the original:
airway obstruction if a piece of cardboard gets stuck in the animal’s pharynx. In this case, the animal then kicks its paws in the direction of its mouth, has difficulty breathing (it gives the justified impression of choking) and sometimes excessive salivation, which may be tinged with a bit of blood. These symptoms should alert you and justify an emergency consultation in a veterinary clinic.
Irritation of the stomach lining leading to vomiting (which sometimes allows the swallowed foreign body to be evacuated) and decreased appetite,
a blockage in the intestine. This is called intestinal obstruction or obstruction, which can be total or partial. Symptoms may be vomiting. Diarrhoea sometimes tinged with blood or even complete cessation of stool and abdominal pain. Bowel obstruction can be complicated by a rupture of the intestinal wall leading to peritonitis,
a perforation of the digestive tract if the swallowed cardboard contains pointed or sharp objects such as staples.
My dog ​​ate cardboard: what to do?
If your dog has eaten cardboard, you should already start by evaluating the amount of cardboard that the dog may have swallowed and check whether the dog was able to drink staples at the same time. If this seems like a lot, or if your dog has eaten nails, your best bet is to call your vet to let them know about the problem right away. Never try to make your dog vomit on your initiative.
If the quantities of cardboard seem moderate to you, it will be necessary to monitor the general condition of your animal as well as its droppings (if! If!) & nbsp; within 3 to 5 days following ingestion of the cardboard to verify that ‘he eliminates it well. If you notice the slightest change in his behaviour (abnormally calm dog), his appetite or any other symptom, contact your veterinarian promptly.
To know
If your dog is used to eating non-comestible objects, your pet may have a health or behavioural problem. Talk to your vet.


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