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Sign of pain associated or not with an orthopaedic problem, the bulgers in the dog can have varied causes. Discover which and how to remedy it …

La Lameness in the dog

A ladle designates difficulty walking in the dog.

When this lameness is moderate, the dog can still lay his paw on the ground but more or less brief when he walks or runs. We can then observe a modification of his approach. However, this change is more difficult to observe when a light lameness relates to its or its rear legs.

When the lameness is severe, the dog can no longer put his paw on the ground.

The lameness can occur brutally or progressively install. Respectively, we speak of acute and chronic lameness.

The origins of the limits are multiple and may depend on their location & nbsp; with the front legs or the rear legs of the dog. They can concern a single paw or two legs.

My dog ​​box front paws: the possible causes

The closets of the front paws can occur as well in young dogs and adult dogs. They can be distinguished according to their origin, traumatic or not.

The closures of the anterior traumatic origin

At a front paw, a lameness can reveal a pain that can be consecutive to:

The deep injury of one or more pads, interdigitated space (between the fingers) or a claw,

The presence of a foreign body stored in the foot of the dog as for example, a spiker or a broken glass,

a ligamental sprain located at the level of the carp or an interphalangeal articulation,


The dislocation of a joint.

The closures of the previous non-traumatic origin

If the lameness does not come from a trauma, it can have for origin :

a condition that specifically affects the foot of the dog, such as a pododermatitis or an infection of the root of the claw,

An elbow development disorder called elbow dysplasia. This disorder mainly affects young dogs of medium races to large,

An osteochondrosis of the shoulder is an anomaly of the development of the articular cartilage of the shoulder. Again, these are the young dogs of the medium-sized races that are most affected by this anomaly of genetic origin,

bone cancer or other bone affection,


a problem of inflammatory arthritis that can be linked to an infection of the articulation or a failure of the dog’s immune system that “& NBSP; tackles & NBSP;” to an articulation,

of tendonitis of the shoulder.

My dog ​​box rear paws: the possible causes

The closures of the hosts of traumatic origin

At a rear paw, a lameness can reveal a pain that can be consecutive to:

The injury of one or more pads, interdigitated space (space between the fingers) or a claw,

the presence of a foreign body in the member,


the dislocation of the hip or the Jarret,

the rupture of a crossed ligament, patella or knee,

a break or dislocation of the Achilles tendon,

a ligament sprain.

The closures of the posterior of non-traumatic origin

The lameness of one or both rear legs can also be the consequence of a condition whose origin is not traumatic like:

a pododermatitis or an infection of the claw,

Functional failure of Crânial Cross Ligament & NBSP; This is a degeneration that will gradually stretch and tear this knee ligament. Of unknown origin, the affection mainly affects young dogs of great breeds, medium-race adult dogs and small dogs of small breed,

Luxation of the patella,

dysplasia of the hip,

an anomaly of the growth of bone and cartilage called osteochondrosis and affects the gratitude or knee of young animals,


bone cancer or other bone affection such as hypertrophic panosteitis or osteodystrophy,

inflammatory arthritis,

a neurological affection.

What to do to relieve your dog’s pain & nbsp;?

Lameness in the dog is always abnormal and must convince you to call on a veterinarian, so he examines your dog quickly.

While waiting for the consultation, the best is to put your dog at rest and limit the outings to hygienic walks, always on a leash.

In case of lameness and especially if it is related to trauma, you can easily administer to the dog two homoeopathic granules of Arnica 5ch every quarter of an hour then every half hours until pain relief. You can also complete this treatment with a friction of the painful limb using a drop of essential oil peppermint * (but only in the absence of a wound) or by the opposition of an ice pocket in Taking care not to put the ice in direct contact with the dog’s skin.


Never attempt to administer medicines based on aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol to your dog to relieve his pains. These medications, dosed for human beings, can be very toxic for your pet.

If you have detected a wound at the origin of the lameness, you can clean the wound with tap or bottled water or physiological serum, dry it by dabbing it with a sterile compress and then Disinfect with a disinfectant that does not stick. Attention, if your dog hurts, he can show signs of aggression. It can sometimes be necessary to muzzle it. This first-line treatment, however, should not delay your visit to the veterinarian.

Diagnosis of a dog lameness

The diagnosis of lameness rests above all on a clinical and orthopaedic examination of the dog by a veterinarian so that he can precisely determine the location of the lameness.

According to the suspicion of the veterinarian, complementary examinations may be practised, such as X-ray, myelography, muscular ultrasound, arthroscopies or blood tests.

* This essential oil is formally contraindicated in pregnant or lactating females and puppies under three months. Never use it on large body surfaces because it could cause thermal shock


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