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Meteorite in the bitch

What is a meteorite in the bitch? How is she manifested? How is this affection diagnosed and treated?

What is a meteorite?

Metro denotes an inflammation of the endometrium, this mucosa that lines the cavity of the uterus of the bitch.

Metro is sometimes assimilated to a pyrometer that refers to an accumulation of pus in the uterus.

What are the causes of maturity in the bitch?

The metriters are of infectious origin. They are caused by bacteria and/or viruses that rise through natural paths, through the collar of the uterus of the bitch.

Their occurrence is favoured by:

An immune deficiency of the bitch, when the latter suffers from a metabolic disease such as sweet diabetes, for example,

repeated administration of drugs containing procrastinations or corticosteroids,

a low bet or abortion.

Métrity can also be a complication of classic-cystic hyperplasia of the uterus (HGK), which is characterized by excessive growth of the uterine mucosa associated with the formation of cysts throughout its wall.

Métrity in the bitch: the symptoms

Metro can be chronic in the bitch and pass relatively unnoticed. We also talk about endometritis. A chronic condition is then a cause of default infertility in the bitch, early gestation stop and spontaneous abortions. It can give rise to discrete purulent vulvar losses, but it is not systematic.

In the case of acute maturity, the symptoms are much more marked and obvious. The bitch that reaches itself then generally:


a lack of appetite,

diarrhoea and vomiting,


Purulent vulval flows, brown-red and nauseating colour.

Acute meteorite can be complicated by dehydration, shock, renal failure, uterine gangrene, peritonitis by uterine rupture or sepsis. These serious complications engage the vital prognosis of the animal.

In bitches that have low, acute maturity usually occurs during the first week after the birth of puppies. In addition to the symptoms mentioned, the bitch generally has a disinterest for its small, galactic (lack of milk) or mammitis (breast inflammation). The puppies can also be affected by the absorption of milk contaminated by the germs responsible for the infection of their mother (toxic milk syndrome).

Diagnosis of maturity in the bitch

In cases of chronic maturity of the bitch, the diagnosis generally requires the use of endometrial cytology, histology from a biopsy of the uterus and/or a vaginal bacteriological analysis.

Acute metritis can be diagnosed more easily during a clinical examination of the bitch by the veterinarian, although complementary examinations such as vaginal smear, radiography or ultrasound can be necessary.

The treatment of mixtures in the bitch

In the case of chronic maturity, treatment can be based on the administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics and prostaglandins.

If the meteorite is acute, the treatment also relies on the administration of antibiotics and, if necessary, by the administration of drugs that will stimulate the emptying of the uterus, such as oxytocin. According to the state of the bitch at the time of its care, the veterinarian will consider placing it under infusion.

If the infection is severe or the medical treatment is ineffective, the veterinarian can also use an ovariohysterectomy (surgical withdrawal of the uterus and the ovaries of the bitch).

The bitch is likely to get back if it’s early. On the other hand, the prognosis is darker in the case of associated complications.

If the bitch has just put down, his puppies will then have to be separated from her and nourished at the bottle.


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