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When the outside temperature rises, the asphalt becomes very hot on your dog’s pads. How to protect your dog’s paws?

Hot bitumen: risk of burns for the dog’s pads

Summer is the season of all danger for our dog friends. Heatstroke, barbecue accident, the resurgence of parasites, snake bite or even spikelets can damage the health of our dear furballs. But, there is also a danger that we think of much less & nbsp; and which threatens dogs who live in an urban environment: burning asphalt.

Yes, in temperatures flirt with 30 ° C, asphalt floors accumulate heat and can rise to temperatures exceeding 60 ° C: what literally burns the skin of your dog’s pads which, unlike you, does not have a sole to isolate itself from the ground.

As proof, here are the pictures posted by Debbie French, a Facebook user, showing the consequences of walking on obviously too hot asphalt on a dog’s pads.

In these photos, you can see signs of severe burns on a dog’s pads. The burns, however, can sometimes be less dramatic and consist of redness and blistering like sunburn.

These photos also remind us that the dog’s pads are not made of foolproof leather as one might mistakenly think but only of heat-sensitive skin like the skin of your feet when you walk. -naked in the hot sand of a beach in summer. To convince yourself again, you can just as easily rest the palm of your hand on an asphalt surface in full sun or walk there barefoot: you will quickly see that the temperature is unbearable.

What can I do to protect my dog ​​from the hot bitumen?

Adapt your schedule and your walking route

To avoid burning your pet’s pads on hot asphalt in summer, it is best to avoid taking it out during the hottest hours of the day or changing your route to avoid as much as possible paved surfaces of sidewalks and roadsides—roads and favouring grassy areas and paths. Be careful, and bitumen can stay hot for quite a long time even after sunset because it has the particularity of accumulating heat.

Tan your pet’s pads

In order to make the skin on your pet’s footpads thicker and more resilient, it is recommended that you apply a tanning solution to your dog’s pads. This type of product is available from most veterinary surgeries and is applied by dabbing the entire surface of the pads. It is best to prepare your dog’s pads before summer by applying the solution every day for 15 days and then maintaining the tanning then by applying the product 2 to 3 times a week during the entire risk period.

Also, remember to always nourish the skin of the pads well with shea butter or coconut oil. This is useful both winter and summer to avoid potentially painful cracked pads.

Put shoes on your dog.

If walking on hot asphalt is unavoidable, you can try equipping your dog with protective dog shoes. Be aware, however, that not all dogs tolerate them easily if they have never worn them before. So get your dog used to wearing these shoes gradually and positively.

Regularly check the condition of its pads.

Remember to check the condition of your pet’s pads after each walk to check for burns or injuries.

My dog ​​has burnt his pads: what to do?

If your dog has burns on the pads, immerse his paws in a bath of cool water for at least 15 minutes, then when his paws have dried, apply an aloe vera gel to the damaged areas or a bikini-type cream ( taking care, however, that the dog does not lick itself).

If the burns are severe and/or your dog is showing signs of pain, see your vet right away.


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