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How to separate two “glued” dogs?

Should we separate two dogs that stay glued? How long can they stay glued, and what to do to avoid this situation?

Dogs «glued»: a normal step of coupling.

When a male dog overlaps a female to protrude, the male often turns 180 degrees to find himself head-spade with the bitch. The two animals are then found like “PICTURE” rear.

In fact, this phenomenon is a very normal step of the coupling between two representatives of the canine species. When the dog introduces his penis into the vagina of the bitch, then a reflex spasm of the vagina in the dog, which has the role of keeping captive the sex of the male in the genital lanes of the female until the end of the ‘Sexual Act. This natural phenomenon aims to maximize the chances of success of the fertilization of the bitch by leaving the dog time to file the entire seed in the vagina of its partner.

During coupling, this phenomenon is called knotting.

How to react when two dogs stay glued?

When two dogs remain glued to each other, popular belief suggests that we are drinking a bucket of water or trying to separate them at all costs. In reality, the first solution is useless, and the second is very dangerous.

By trying to separate two dogs that remained glued, it is likely to cause rips or a vaginal prolapse in the bitch and a fracture of the penile bone in the male dog.

Thus, when two dogs remain glued, it does not have to do anything at all and just wait until the female vaginal spasm decreases so that both partners can get off naturally. Generally, it takes 5 to 30 minutes for dogs to separate.

On the other hand, if one of the two dogs begins to get upset and move significantly, it is advisable to keep them together (if, however, one and the other do not show any aggressiveness, of course) until they get away from naturally to avoid injury.

How to prevent two dogs stuck?

Two dogs can not be preceded when they mate because the knotting step is part of the normal projection.

On the other hand, it is possible to avoid that dogs mate in avoiding placing a female in heat in contact with an uncontrolled male dog or by sterilizing his animal if we do not want to reproduce it.


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