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The “Pet at Work” phenomenon is very famous among our friends on the other side of the Atlantic and is starting to arrive in France. Even if only 1 out of 10 employees in France is allowed to come to work with their pet, it is a trend that is spreading more and more, especially in new start-ups.
Bringing your dog to work: the advantages
The “Pet at Work” allows one to work with one’s pet (often a dog). This practice has many advantagparticularlyular the positive influence on reducing stress at work on the increase of the employees’ concentration also the reinforcement of the contact between the collaborator’s thanks to the animal’s presence. Indeed, the common point of attention, that is, the animal, allows free the word.
As this practice is not regulated, some basic rules are nevertheless to be taken into account because, of course, the presence of a dog within a company requires certain obligations and specific requirements, in particular of good manners and good behaviour.
First of all, your employer must be willing to welcome your dog to his premises. If he is not, it will be difficult to force his hand, but it is up to you to show him the numerous advantages and ease of integration and adaptation of your dog to the company’s rhythm.
Tips for going to work with your dog
Let’s talk about your dog! Here are the eight recommendations and advice that I propose to you to go to work with your dog in all serenity:
Recommendation n°1: Your dog must be friendly to integrate with your work team. It is not a question of putting your colleagues at risk of being bitten daily.
Recommendation n°2: Your dog must be clean to be able to restrain himself from doing his business during your working hours; for this reason, we will avoid taking a puppy who does not have yet total control of his sphincters.
Recommendation n°3: Then, be cautious about the possible allergies or fears of your colleagues/collaborators because it is not a question of imposing your dog at work. It must be pleasant for everyone. Thus, it will be necessary to request this practice, not only to your employer but also and especially to all the people who will be likely to cross the road of your dog during their working days.
Recommendation n°4: Moreover, a critical point when you want to integrate your dog into your professional routine is the responsibility. Indeed, you are, of course, responsible for your dog but especially for the possible damages, he could cause. So, if you have a very unruly dog, destructive, which does not know how to stay in place, it will be necessary to do educational work beforehand to allow him to settle more. Indeed, the “Pet at Work” option does not necessarily correspond to all dogs. Still, there is a solution to every problem: do not hesitate to call upon a canine educator to help you solve your possible issues with your dog.
Recommendation n°5: Always remember to take the necessary things to make your dog comfortable. Even if it means buying a double basket, bowls and toys, you will leave it at your workplace to avoid carrying everything every day, morning and evening. Indeed, your dog will need a place, a water bowl (and possibly kibbles depending on the rhythm of his meals) but also some toys to keep him busy. Of course, we will avoid toys that make noise to disturb your colleagues who work.
Recommendation n°6: Your dog must know how to take care of himself and not ask for your attention all the time because it will become very quickly painful for you, and for all the people to whom he will come to beg for a caress or a small play session. To do this, daily, teach your dog that you are the one who initiates contact by ignoring him (not looking, not touching, not talking) as soon as he demands attention and by offering him contact as soon as he “gives up” and moves on. He will then understand that: giving up is winning!
Recommendation n°7: Of course, your work should allow you to take a few breaks during the day to walk your dog. And why not agree with your colleagues to establish a rotation between each employee who wishes to spend a little time with your doggie?
Recommendation #8: Your dog should still have some “basic” training: he should come back when you call him, sit, lie down and go to his basket when you ask him to, etc. Indeed, the presence of a dog can bring a lot of advantages to a company. Still, if it is unmanageable, it can quickly become a constraint for all and produce all the opposite effects that it is supposed to bring (stress at work, the problem of concentration, etc.)
So you will have understood that taking your dog to work is excellent; it allows many benefits, both for the master, his colleagues, and the company’s general atmosphere. However, it is essential that the dog is friendly, calm and above all, well educated (especially for cleanliness) to integrate into your company is serene and secure.


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