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Dog activity needs

A dog has a biological need to take care of. But do you know how?

Dog activity needs, essential needs

Like any living being, a dog has biological needs.

If one knows its basic physiological needs such as eating, drinking or sleeping, it is often neglecting its activity needs that are essential to its physical and mental well-being.

It is estimated that a dog needs 3 to 5 hours of activity a day to feel good. But most pet dogs sorely lack occupancy.

The lack of knowledge of these needs by the dog owner and a lack of stimulation on his part can cause the appearance of several behavioural problems in animals, which can make cohabitation man-animal particularly difficult. May things be clear: no animal can be totally inactive. A dog that remains alone a whole day and who is walked only 15 minutes by his owners will not be happy and will be able to develop unwanted behaviours related to boredom (destruction, untimely barking …) or substitution activities that can put Because of its well-being (excessive and self-harvest etc.).

To avoid this, it is essential that the owner of the dog take into account each of the needs of his animal, namely:

his need for vocal activity,

his need for intellectual activity,

its need for food and masticatory activity,

his need for physical activity,

its need for social activity.

The need for dog voice activity

If it does not miss our dogs, they nevertheless know how to communicate by expressing “verbally” with great reinforcements of vocalizations, barking, grunts, moaning or even screams.

Thus, a dog that spends barboy in the garden does not just ride the guard; it can also simply spend a lot of energy unseated through another activity.

Allow it to satisfy its need for vocal activity by granting them times when it can express itself freely. For example, let it get rid of or bark as it pleases during a game session.

The need for dog intellectual activity

All dogs need to be stimulated mentally. This goes through the obedience exercises, the education sessions with his master / his mistress, the search games that appeal to his sense of smell or the puzzle games that ask him to solve problems.

Intellectual activity is ten times more tiring for the dog than physical activity or voice activity. It is therefore particularly useful for helping to meet the activity needs of a family dog ​​that we do not have time to walk 2 to 3 hours every day.

To fill this need with your dog, give it time every day for an education or learning session of a new tour. Also propose to search for its food by hiding its croquettes in the house, in the garden or within a search carpet. Finally, invest in “s, Games d’Intelligence”, which will stimulate your pet mentally.

The need for food and masticatory activity

Biologically, the dog’s food activity needs are about 3 hours a day. These needs include the time the dog should take to find food and ingest it. However, in the facts, a family dog ​​passes only 5 to 20 minutes a day to eat. And for a good reason: it does not usually need to look for its food served directly in a bowl by its owner or chewing it for a long time, in the case of dogs fed with croquettes or industrial pates. What is time for time? Well, he can pass it to do what his owner will consider nonsense, like nibbling the feet of a chair to satisfy his chewing need.

It is, however, possible to find parades to satisfy the chewing need of his dog in:

giving it bones, clogs, deer wood to Gruger,

giving it its croquettes in a croquette distributor, cylinder type cardboard / plastic bottle pierced with holes or a pipolino®,

Filling a Kong® type toy of croquettes and cheese before putting it in the microwave to melt the cheese. It is also possible to garnish the kong of minced meat or pâté before placing it in the freezer,

spreading its croquettes on a large surface: kitchen tile, grass or even gravel,

giving him a knotted rope coated with pâté,


Of course, it is also possible to increase the time devoted to the masticatory activity by trotting the industrial diet of the dog against a housewife of type Barf which would include raw meat and fleshy bones (bone completely surrounded by raw meat ). Previously, ask your veterinarian for advice to better balance your pet’s ratio.

Dog physical activity needs

The need for physical activity is the need for the dog we think of in the first place. It brings together all dog locomotor activities such as running, walking, jumping, swimming, playing or practising a canine sport.

A lack of physical activity can result in behavioural disorders such as tarnish, compulsive legs, wanderings and circle races or vertical jumps.

It is therefore essential to offer your dog his daily physical activity dose by going to walk it. Ideally, your dog should be able to benefit from at least a large exit a day (outside the “, hygienic ” outputs where he must have the opportunity to run free.

The social needs of the dog

The dog is a social animal that needs contacts with his congeners to feel balanced. It must thus be able to meet “Copains-dogs ” regularly in order to have fun with them and communicate.


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