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Cani-Rando, or Cani-Marche, is a leisure activity to practice with your dog. It does not require special sporting skills and is not subject to regulation either. The only obligation: is to have fun and browse the world alongside his dog!

What is Cani-Rando?

Do not confuse Cani-Cross and Cani-Rando, which is often the case. Indeed, the Cani-Cross requires certain physical training, as much for the man and for his dog, while the Cani-Rando can be practised in complete relaxation, like leisure in its own right.

Moreover, the main difference between these two activities (besides the fact that one is practising and the other while walking) is that the Cani-Cross is a real canine sport with competitions while the Cani- Rando does not have any specific competition, the main goal is to take the air and walk with his dog!

The necessary equipment for Cani-hiking

To practice the Cani-Rando safely but especially with maximum comfort, whether for you or your dog, you will need:

of a traction harness for your dog, adapted to his morphology and with a tie on the back (closer to the cock possible for him to tramp with all his body)

A belt for you, or a harness, knowing that the barrier allows you better support and less risk of back pain. In any case, it is better to focus on a belt (it is simple or connected to a safer) the widest possible for comfort.

A slightly elastic line to avoid jerks and traction is more fluid.

Many specialized sites offer complete kits (harness, line, belt) of traction sports, including the Cani-Rando or Cani-Marche.

Cani-Rando: Precautions to Take

Before going hiking with your dog, you must, of course, assure you that it is physically capable. Besides, if you want to hikes regularly, more and more long and complex (depending on the land, etc.), I advise you to forward your dog by your veterinarian (at least) before each exit.

Then, it is important to study the course upstream; it is not a question of getting lost in the middle of the mountain at night fallen or finding blocked by the ban on the dogs on the way you plan to take, for example.

Then, always plan a bag with something to drink and eat for you and your dog! You can even wear this bag or bring it to your dog! Specific harness models (called bag bags) exist with side pockets. To be certain not to load the bag, its content should not exceed ⅓ of the weight of your dog.

Also, remember to take a torch lamp as well as the route of your hike if you do not know the surroundings.

Crossed bags will also be useful for always adopting the right citizen gesture. And yes, during a hike, it is very likely that your dog does his needs, so think to always pick up, wherever you are! Think of the future walkers who will follow the same route as you.

Do not forget a backup kit for small bobos as well as leg guards for your doggie if it hurts on the way.

Obviously, never go without your phone to call backup when needed. but also to immortalize your exploits for social networks: of course;)

Cani-Marche: for which dogs?

As soon as your dog is able to walk: he can practice Cani-Rando. This is not a discriminating activity; all dogs are accepted. However, there are obviously races more or less adapted to practice this discipline, like all breeds of sledge dogs, for example, or work breeds (Berger type, hunting, etc.).

Instead of making the list of dogs that can accompany you on hiking, here is the list of dogs for whom Cani-Rando will have to be arranged (either at the course of the course, duration or weather conditions):

Small dogs: who will not be able to tackle such as a Siberian husky, for example,

Dogs of (very) large size: which quickly suffer from physical problems (joint) when they practice too intense activity; what can be the case for a long hike, even at low speed,

Brachycephalic dogs (crushed nose): we find the bulldogs, the boxer, the pug, etc., which could have difficulty breathing, especially in the summer,

Dogs that have not completed their growth, regardless of their size.

Then, this activity is recommended for educated and socialized dogs so that the course is going well, and even if you cross other cani-hikers.

Of course, if you want to let go of your dog in freedom during your excursion, it will have upstream to have to work the reminder (especially for hunting dogs) so that your doggie does not take the species powder in an environment you do not know not good.


Your dog is fully physically spent.

Its smell is more than solicited with all new messages to feel that it is not used to sniffing.

He discovers on your side many environments, more or less rich in stimulus, which allows him to strengthen his socialization.

Your interspecific relationship is reinforced, too, and you become a real accomplice duo.

It also helps to consolidate its education: the more one answers correctly to the needs of his dog, the more cooperative he is in his interactions.

Take (with a suitable harness) also allows him to strengthen his musculature.

The course

A cani-hike is considered such as when it exceeds 10 km. Below, it is estimated that it is a “classic” ride.

However, since there is no competition or settlement in this area: as long as you walk with your dog, we can say that you can honest!

So obviously, there are the “little” hikers who leave a few hours with their dog, and then there are the “experts” who will leave several days …

The most important thing is to have fun, to discover wonderful places in the company of his dog but also to respect his pace so that this activity “pleasure” does not become a constraint.

To progress in this area, you have three levers:

The duration (from a few hours to several days)

The distance (progressive increase in the number of km)

The difficulty (mountain, uneven, etc.)

Secure yourself your own goals, evolve at your own pace and that of your dog, please enjoy and exceed your limits gradually.

Where to get to Cani-honest?

Generally, the Mushers propose to individuals of the sessions of Cani-Rando in the summer. This, at first to allow their dogs to maintain a certain activity, even when they are “rest” during this period but also (to be quite honest), to generate a few incomes.

In fact, do not hesitate to contact the Mushers who offer this kind of service to have the pleasure of Cani-hike with a powerful dog who can accompany you throughout your excursion.

As a personal capacity, I prefer Cani-hike in the mountains, where the help of a traction dog is really valuable. This makes it possible to develop real complicity with his dog.

A few years ago, I spent a few weeks in a “Husky farm” in the Jura; the owners really gave me the taste of Cani-hike, whether with their sledge dogs or with my Border Collie who accompanied me on this trip. So I went regularly to walk in the heights, and I can assure you that my dog ​​helped me a lot to climb. Without him, I think I would have more than once renounced by fatigue.

However, you can can-hike wherever it finally seems to you, as long as you have the good material and that you observe accessibly or not dogs (I think of some natural parks that prohibit their presence), you are free of Cani -Randonate everywhere!


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