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Can we give strawberries to his dog?

As soon as the sun dals with its first rays in the spring, the strawberries make their appearance on the fruit and vegetable deplete of our stores. If there is nothing like changing apples and pears that have been delegated all winter, can we also share this red fruit with our dogs?

The strawberry, a little caloric fruit

The strawberry is part of these fruits rich in water that, in human beings, are allied from those who monitor their line closely. The strawberries result in 30 to 35 kcal for 100g of fruit, which is much less than apples or pears that provide 45 to 55 kcal at 100g.

Rich in water and antioxidants, the strawberries can therefore be suitable for the dog, data as a healthy treat or, during the hot season, to bring some water to animals that drink little.

How to give strawberries to his dog?

If your dog appreciates, it is possible to give fresh strawberries to his dog, flood and whole or cut in neighbourhoods if it is a small dog.

Of course, avoid giving your dog the sugar they are sprinkled with or the cream that often accompanies them to dessert. Sugar and cream will bring additional calories that your dog does not need, especially if he is sedentary.

In which quantity?

It is possible to give up to 10 g of fruit by kg of body weight to your dog; in other words, up to 100 g of strawberries for a 10kg dog. On the other hand, it will be necessary to test the digestive tolerance of your dog to this fruit by introducing it very progressively into his diet. In some dogs that are not used to it, the fruits given too large quantity can cause diarrhoea.

On the other hand, the strawberries are to avoid, like all fruits and other sweet products, in the diabetic dog so as not to unbalance his diet.


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