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Can my dog ​​eat kiwi?

Kiwi for Kiki is yes, or it’s right?

Kiwi, a fruit rich in antioxidants

With its beautiful green or yellow colour, depending on the variety, the kiwi is distinguished by its high fibre and antioxidant content. It is known in particular to have a particularly high content of vitamin C.

Relatively little caloric, it brings less than 60kcal to 100g. It is also rich in vitamin k, vitamin B9 and selenium. It also encloses potassium, copper and vitamin E.

How to give kiwi to a dog?

In addition to its many vitamins, fibres and trace elements of interest, kiwi is not part of the list of toxic fruits for the dog. If your dog is fond, so you can quite give him healthy frowns.

However, some dogs may not appreciate it because of its characteristic acidic flavour that tends to soften with the maturity of the fruit.

The best is to give fresh and ripe kiwi to your dog, raw, in pieces adapted to the size of his jaw and rid of his rough skin.

Can we give kiwi dried to his dog?

It’s possible but in small quantities. Dried fruits concentrate fibres, sugars and calories and can, when they are brought too large quantity in the diet of the dog, unbalance its ration or cause digestive disorders.

How many kiwis give to a dog?

The kiwi is absolutely not toxic to the dog, but it can be slightly laxative because of its high fibre content. It is therefore important not to distribute too much quantity to a dog that would not be used to it and to introduce it very progressively into your animal’s diet while monitoring its effects on its transit and its stool.

As the kiwi also contains simple sugars that are not essential to the diet of the dog, we must not abuse ourselves on pain of unbalanced its ration. Generally, it is recommended not to exceed 10g of fruit per kg of body weight, a maximum of 100g kiwi for a dog of 10kg. Kiwi must therefore rhyme with parsimony.

Also, note that kiwi, like all other sources of sugars, is not recommended for the dog who suffers from sweet diabetes.


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